Marc Estrin

Reviews: Hyde

Hyde is a darkly hilarious steeplechase ride about the

cravings of a hypercerebral self-deprecating man who, in

Dr. Jekyll-like fashion, surrenders to his greed and ambition and suffers the enormous consequences. It is a timely book, and serves as a sobering commentary on the deadly materialism of our time and president. 

Charlie Hyde is a used car salesman in Paterson, New Jersey who gets involved with a Yiddish wizard who calls himself Meshuginah Moishe. Moishe is an intensely memorable character who reminds me of Satan in the classic novel The Master and Margerita. Hyde's description of his family--three acerbic genius girls--and Moishe's kabbalistic neon used car sign are some of the send up surprises facing the reader.

I really couldn't put the book down, and was delighted to find that Estrin's writing and crazy zest has not only equaled but has

surpassed the fluent sardonic prose of his first novel, Insect Dreams, which was published to critical acclaim.

David Brizer MD is a psychiatrist, addiction specialist, and the author of the novel, Victor Rand.